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You are not alone. Heal Your Trauma. Ascend and Live Your Purpose.

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You're feeling suppressed, suffocated and confused by your pain. You're feeling lost and completely alone. You're feeling completely abandoned. The fear of the pain is overcoming your desire to live. You want to hide and isolate… feeling that there is not a soul on the earth that could lovingly understand and offer loving support.

You're not crazy. It's completely valid for you to be experiencing the sensations of the emotions you are feeling.

It's ok that you are feeling this way. You are not alone. Life can feel completely overwhelming at times. At times it may feel as though you are unable to trust anyone… or that love and joy even exist any longer.

What if you could...

Feel the sunshine on your skin and allow the warmth to permeate you to the depths of your soul?
Feel the freedom of expressing your true authentic self?
Feel the warmth and nourishment of loving community?
Feel held and supported in the most challenging times of growth in your life?
Experience the liberation of being with your loved ones, doing what you want, where you want, when you want?
Experience your life as complete freedom?
Living your highest most joyful purpose on the planet?
Feel the love of life soring through your being?


My name is Soleil Jessica.

My life came to an abrupt halt in 2000 when I was in a terrible car accident. I was experiencing terrible pain in my neck and head for years until I found and experienced energy medicine to assist my mind and body to heal from the trauma. Once I had experienced the healing sensations, I knew it was my purpose in life to learn and practice the art of energy healing to not only assist my own healing, growth, and transformation but to also guide others to overcome their trauma and discover their own authentic gifts. I want to share with others to bless the lives around them to heal and live their purpose as well. I have used the gift of energy medicine to support and heal the intense stress of birthing 5 children and to heal myself.

I am deeply grateful for the gift of utilizing energy medicine to heal my body and experience health and deep joy with my children. Energy healing is not limited in what we can use it for. I use the gift of energy medicine to bless my mind, body, and spirit through leaving religion to respect and honor the unique spiritual growth and path of all the beings on this planet. The gift of energy medicine has supported me through divorce as well as to bless me to heal my brain and body after a traumatic car accident in 2019. Energy healing has blessed me with healing support though many other challenging times of growth and gaining wisdom in my life. I am incredibly grateful for the education and experience I have gained over the last 17 years of practicing the graceful art of energy healing to not only bless my own life with holistic health and freedom, but also to bless those around me with freedom and liberation to heal and live their own higher purpose with great joy.


Attend my free women's circle

Every month. We gather as wise women to support one another to  overcome trauma stories, and to discover and live our purpose.

experience your personal liberation and freedom in your life.

Customized self love and transformation program

Create and live your highest potential and purpose through customizing your ultimate self-love regimen and experiencing energy work through Belief reframing work, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and foot zone therapy.


$20 1 hour light energy work session

Discover and enjoy the health benefits of energy facilitation through belief reframing work and the energy medicine of Jin Shin Jyutsu.


I'd love to be your healing guide.  Let's get started!

Lacey had totally hit ultimate rock bottom. Years of coping with the aftermath of painful sexual and physical abuse inflicted on her by a close family friend repetitively as a child had worn down her ability to pretend anymore. Her thoughts and emotions about herself were increasingly destructive to her well being. She experienced intense fear around others and trusted no one. The loneliness was crushing. Despite all this, she still tried to always better herself and build confidence but no matter what she did, it never seemed to be long lasting.  She felt as though she was continually failing herself and her children. She was so desperate to feel that lighthearted free spirit she knew was hiding under the pain, but feels her attempts to get help and heal had led her to dead end after dead end.  

As her marriage was failing and her daughter too depressed to want to live any longer, she decided a matter of life or death to able to regain her health and well being to be a greater light and support for herself and those around her.  

What would finally make the difference for her to overcome this darkness in her life this time? She'd tried all of the modalities and had always been open, but because the destructive inner programing had never been healed, nothing worked long term. 

While expressing her desperation to a friend, her friend mentioned that she had worked with Soleil at Arise and that it had made all the difference in her life. 

She showed up a little bit nervous to her first meeting, but immediately felt safe, seen, heard, and understood. She felt confidence and faith that Soleil had the "how" to help her arise above the darkness. 

Over the next month at every session, Lacey began to see the light again. Her internal confidence level and well being was drastically improving. Through tears and great work, she was able to work through the deep issues in her marriage and have greater confidence and presence to help her daughter begin to heal her depression. She gained the energy to begin to create the life she has always wanted. She felt passion and excitement for her life and started to move forward within accomplishing her greatest desires while also discovering her purpose in helping the world around her with her gifts of compassion and understanding.  

She finally learned to regain her power and freedom and felt joyful and confident in herself.


"First I would like to say I absolutely adore Jessica. She is an absolute light and joy to work with. She is inspired, authentic and full of love. In my time working with Jessica I went from planning my own demise to feeling unconditional love like I had never before felt. I can honestly say I have never felt more connected to Source Energy then in my time working with Jess. Working with her has changed me for the better. I have recommended Jessica not only to my friends but to everyone in my immediate family (including my beloved animals) and I will continue recommending Jessica to anyone who desires for pure love and acceptance of self.  Jessica is an angel in human form and will facilitate great change for anyone willing to do the work. "


“After battling chronic pain for two years and seeing physicians and therapists without resolve I reluctantly decided to see Jessica and try foot zoning. As a practitioner of western medicine I was very skeptical but I was desperate to return to the active lifestyle I once had. After only four sessions with Jessica my rib pain is completely gone. I also feel a significant improvement in energy, ability to focus, pesky aches and pains, and an elevated mood in general. My experience with Jessica and Footzonology has been nothing less than amazing!”

 L. Dickerson

Is this right for you?

Are you done with...
Feeling out of control in your life
Feeling powerless
Feeling overwhelmed
Feeling stuck in the same cycles
Feeling stuck in pain
Feeling lost
Feeling like you don't matter to the world around you
Feeling stressed
Feeling suppressed
Feeling out of control
Feeling lonely in your world

Are you ready to do your internal work?
Are you ready to let your genius shine?
Are you ready to live your magic?
Are you ready to share your highest purpose with the world?
Are you ready to create the life you want?


Life transformation coaching.
Overcome limitation and live your purpose.
Live Laugh Love with passion.

Mind - Body - Spirit alignment & Mind - Body - Spirit nourishment for total transformation


Energy Flow Session

30 minute awakening


Boost Package

▪️4 sessions - 1st session: 1.5 hrs, Last 3: 1 hr each
• Completed within 30 days
▪️Belief reprogramming  
▪️Emotional intelligence  
▪️Healthy emotional processing activities
▪️Energy work for mind - body - spirit alignment through:
Jin Shin Jyutsu      
Foot zone therapy


Ultimate Guide Package

▪️All of Boost package
▪️Ultimate Self Love Guide - I guide you to create and practice your unique personal plan for mind - body - spirit alignment and nourishment.
▪️10 sessions
▪️four 30 minute Q&A calls

Retreat Healing

▪️5-8 hour retreat setting
▪️Either one-on-one or small group coherent healing

Contact for more information as well as pricing

You're a great fit? Great! Let's get started!

What to Expect in Your Healing Journey

Step 1

At your first appointment, come in comfortable clothing with a mindfulness of what you want to accomplish.  This first session is1.5-2 hours in length. We'll dive deep into creating an awareness of what is being transformed.
As a part of your customized rebirth program, we'll discuss the steps moving forward. Would you prefer multiple sessions or a retreat style healing journey?

Step 2

As you experience life after your first session, you will feel things shift dramatically.  The "healing train" is on its tracks and it's going. You'll begin to awaken and see instances where you see, hear, and understand yourself on higher levels.

Step 3

At your first session, you would have selected whether individual sessions or a retreat style session would work best for you.   Your second healing experience will look like this:  

Individual Sessions- At your scheduled time weekly we'll meet for an hour to continue your work.  Individuals typically find that 4-8 sessions work wonderfully.  

Retreat Experience- This means that we will meet for an entire day and work together in an intensive and accelerative session that lasts between 5-8 hours?  I'll feed you nourishing meals and we'll work intensely but gently to guide you through your healing.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've already tried everything I can think of. What makes this different?

I get it.  I did that too.  But ultimately if you don't clear the limiting beliefs at their root level (and sometimes this is deeper than you've ever gone before), nothing you try will stick.

This feels like a huge investment.
Is it worth it?

I understand the feelings of "this costs too much". How much is it costing you in your life to be overwhelmed with stress and pain? In my understanding, the most expensive way to be, is stuck in pain and losing every moment of joy life has to offer.

I really don't have much time right now.  Why do I have to do all these sessions?

The amount of time and energy it is costing you to be stuck in overwhelm, confusion, and pain is more expensive than creating liberation to live your life freely, the joyous way you are meant to. Fulfilling your purpose to help others and creating the enjoyable life you want.

Ready to get started?